Marmar's operation and its advantages

операция варикоцеле харьков

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The advantage of Marmar’s surgery in the treatment of varicocele is low trauma, short hospitalization periods, and minimal pain after surgery. The sublingual approach to this type of varicocelectomy occurs when the seminal rope comes out of the inguinal canal under the skin respectively; during surgery in this place, the abdominal muscles do not dissect, and the postoperative rehabilitation period is minimal.

The most crucial advantage of Marmar’s operation is that it blocks pathological blood discharge (reflux), both reno-testicular (from the renal vein to the testicle) and also-testicular (from the iliac vein system to the testicular venous plexus)

Ivanisevich's operation and its shortcomings

операция мармара харьковIn Ivanisevich’s older operation, only the testicular vein (reno-testicular blood flow) intersects, which causes a high percentage of relapses up to 30%; in Marmar’s surgery, the probability of relapses is less than 0.5%.

Unlike Ivanisevich’s method, the small incision size during Marmar’s surgery guarantees an imperceptible postoperative cosmetic defect. 

The American scientist Marmar first performed this operation to treat varicocele in 1992. Still, this operation has become the «gold standard» for varicocele treatment in the United States and Western Europe since the beginning of 2000.

In Kharkiv, Professor Knigavko first performed Marmar’s operation in June 2011 in the andrology department of the Kharkiv Regional Clinical Center for Urology and Nephrology, named after V.I. Shapovala. This procedure has become the «gold standard» for the treatment of varicocele in Ukraine since 2016.

Features of Marmara's operation in Kharkiv

Marmar’s surgery is a microsurgical treatment carried out with miniature surgical instruments under a powerful microscope. This improves the accuracy of the surgeon’s actions and avoids complications after surgery.

Equipped with the most modern equipment, the operating room increases the safety and accuracy of surgical interventions.

Microsurgical operations require high professional training of the surgeon and skills in the field of microsurgical practice. Urologists of the andrology department are constantly improving their skills in advanced training courses and internships. Thus, our doctors underwent internships in clinics in Vienna, Belgrade, and Barcelona.

The andrology department offers inpatient treatment with round-the-clock care and meals in ordinary wards and superior wards for nonresident patients. The department treats patients from the Dnieper, Zaporizhzhia, Poltava, Kremenchuk, Sumy, and other cities of Ukraine and abroad. Donetsk and Lugansk regions are routinely served at the Kharkiv Regional Clinical Center for Urology and Nephrology.

The Andrology department is located on the 4th floor of HOTSKUN and has 30 hospital beds for the inpatient treatment of patients. Today, the equipment of the andrological department of HOTSKUN is one of the best in Kharkiv; it makes it possible to apply effective technologies and new modern methods in the treatment of urological diseases.

Treatment and recovery in a specialized clinic

Patient stories

Patient K., 29, suffered from premature ejaculation since the age of 17, so he had difficulty maintaining a stable sexual relationship. In 2005 in Dnepropetrovsk, he received a circumcision operation to treat premature ejaculation, which did not help lengthen sexual intercourse.

After breaking off relations with his second wife, the patient realized that premature ejaculation was a severe problem and agreed to selective neurotomy. Dr. Knigavko successfully operated the andrology department of the Kharkiv Regional Clinical Center for Urology and Nephrology.

Twenty-four days after the operation, the patient resumed active sexual life with a duration of 15-20 minutes of intercourse and a sense of satisfaction and mutual orgasm in sexual partners. In addition, the patient managed to restore relations with his ex-wife