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ESAU Autumn meeting

The ESAU Autumn meeting, Kiev, September 3-4, 2021 has ended.  In addition to the joy of the first face-to-face meeting after Covid pandemic (many thanks to the organizer of the conference Boyko Nikolai) and warm meetings with colleagues from Ukraine and abroad, many interesting foreign reports were made, confirming our early research:
  • So, a varicocele in a man can be the cause not only of male infertility, but also the cause of an ectopic pregnancy in a woman, since a defective sperm, fertilizing an egg, leads to the formation of a defective embryo. This embrio cannot actively pass into the uterine cavity, but is attached in the fallopian tube, which leads to an ectopic pregnancy, with other negative consequences (rupture of the tube, urgent surgery, removal of the tube, ovary ..)
    Genital infections are the most common cause of male infertility, causing prostatitis, vesiculitis and epididymitis, increasing free radicals, and decreasing sperm count and quality. The priority in the diagnosis of infections should be given to bacteriological (culture seeding), rather than PCR or Androflor diagnostics.
  • When selecting patients for penile prosthetics, one should carefully select the size of the prosthesis (adequate, not maximum), thoroughly sanitize and treat patients with an antiseptic before surgery, correct diabetes mellitus and other chronic diseases in advance.
  • With a thickening of the penis, preference should be given to absorbable materials: collagen matrix or polylactic acid gel. For improving penile engraftment and the formation of one’s own tissues, it is rational to add stem cells or PRP.
  • In the treatment of the initial  erectile dysfunction, aphrodisiacs and L-arginine, PRP therapy, should be used more often as the first line of therapy. The use of shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction is still considered controversial, and is not effective as monotherapy, can only be used as part of complex therapy (PRP, stem cells, vascular and regenerative medicine)
    Our reports on increasing the effectiveness of treatment of veno-occlusive forms of erectile dysfunction using autologous stem cells and VEGF, as well as on the possibilities of diagnosing and treating postcoid hypogonadism, aroused great interest, after which many doctors wanted to come to us in Kharkov for advanced training courses in November. to see firsthand our modern techniques.
      But you can come earlier, because on September 9-10, Kharkiv will host the annual conference Uro, Nephro, Andro: 2021. Wait for new meetings, Friends !!!

9th Emirates International Urological Conference in conjunction with 17th Annual Arab Association of Urology was in Dubai, UAE

Professor Knigavko Alexander took a part in Conference with 2 reports:

  • Improving of postoperative results Peironie’s disease with endothelial stem cells – Using autological stem cells in peri- and postoperative period decreases postoperative fibrosis, prevents shortening of penis, improves erectile function.
  • Stem cell therapy and veno- occlusive surgeries for the ED treatment caused by venous leakage – veno-occlusive surgery (ligation and embolization)  for treatment venous leakage has only 6-8 months of effectiveness as result of formation of collateral path with new venous leak. Microinjections  of autological (endothelial and fibroblastic) stem cells and VEGF stimulates growth valves  under tunica albuginea Corpora cavernosa penis and improve of veno-occlusive mechanism, increase  effectiveness and long term result of veno-occlusive operations for treatment of venous leak. This treatment is alternative for Penile Prosthesis Implantation for young and middle age men with Veno-Occlusive form  Erectile dysfunction.

All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference Uro Dnipro

On October 22-23, 2020, the conference «Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment in urology, andrology and oncourology» was held in the city of Dnipro.

Dr. Knigavko Alexander Vladimirovich made a report on the topic «Andrological aspects of male self-confidence» in which he spoke about the main problems that men most often face in their sexual life and methods of resolving them.


22nd Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine

Международный 22-й конгресс Европейского общества по сексуальной медицине в Праге

On January 23-25, 2020, the 22nd Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine was held in Prague, Czech Republic.

The Kharkiv Regional Medical Center of Urology and Nephrology was presented by a leading researcher, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Alexander Knigavko, with a report «The use of biothesiometry to detect increased sensitivity of the penis and its correction in the treatment of primary premature ejaculation.»

The report aroused great interest because it allows to objectively and reliably identify areas of increased sensitivity and determine patients for whom only surgical treatment of premature ejaculation (through selective neuroectomy) will lead to a solution to the problem of early ejaculation.

Also Dr. med. Sci., Professor A. Knigavko presented a report on the treatment of veno-occlusive erectile dysfunction by a combination of occlusive surgeries and the use of autologous stem cells. Also at the congress were presented new models of penile prostheses from the companies Rigicon and Coloplast, which allow the installation of implants up to 26 cm in length, which makes it possible not to lose the length of the penis during phalloprosthetics. The new MaxPol implants (collagen matrix) for increasing the thickness of the penis have received European registration and can be used for men with insufficient penis thickness.


The 4th Emirates urological forum

On April 11-12, 2019, the 4th Emirates urological forum was held in Dubai (UAE), within the framework of which a Middle East master class on male health was held, during which the world’s leading urologists gave video lectures on the restoration of male health.

The Kharkiv Regional Nephro-Urological Center was represented by Associate Professor Alexander Knigavko with two reports on the treatment of veno-occlusive erectile dysfunction and the latest methods of Peyronie’s disease treatment.

For the treatment of veno-occlusive erectile dysfunction, which is more common in young people with unstable erection and bilateral varicocele, a unique method of ligation of pathological shunts with injection of autologous stem cells, which recreates the mechanism of erection retention, has been proposed. The report received an award for the best foreign work and a standing ovation from the audience. «Amazing work!» Said Steve Wilson, a leading penile prosthesis implantologist. «Your technique can avoid many penile replacements in young people.»

The second presentation dealt with the features of the surgical treatment of Peyronie’s disease in patients with large plaques. In America and European countries, such patients are usually fitted with penile prostheses of the penis on which plaque modeling is performed. Our technique for removing plaque with the selection of an optimal graft allows you to restore an independent erection and a smooth penis in such patients without resorting to penile prosthetics.

Урологический Международный Форум в Дубай, ОАЭ 2019

International Conference "Fundamental and Practical Andrology"

On September 17-21, 2019  in Tbilisi, Georgia, an international conference «Fundamental and Practical Andrology» was held. The conference brought together over 400 well-known andrologists from the CIS countries, the Middle East and Europe.

Kharkiv Regional Clinical Center of Urology and Nephrology named. V.I. Shapoval was represented by Associate Professor Knigavko with a reports «Bilateral varicocele and venous hyperemia of the prostate in the etiology of premature ejaculation.»

The report aroused interest, since it allows to solve the complex problem of secondary premature ejaculation and congestive chronic prostatitis by means of a special modification of the microsurgical operation varicocelectomy by Marmar which decreases venous hyperemia, swelling and pathological sensation   of prostate 

The second report on the surgical treatment of urethral stricture and the possibilities of replacement urethroplasty of long urethral strictures using buccal epithelium also caused a great discussion.


Fellowship in a clinic in Finland

On August 19-26, 2018, fellowship of the leading researcher of the Laboratory of Andrology and Human Reproduction of the Kharkov National Medical University Alexander Vladimirovich Knigavko took place in one of the leading clinics in Finland, in the city hospital in Turku. Foreign partners familiarized the Ukrainian delegation with their methods of treating surgical patients, including urological ones. It is noteworthy that Finnish doctors operate on such an acute surgical pathology as appendicitis only in the case of opened purulent forms, which is quite rare. In common serous forms, antibiotics (ciprofloxacin) are simply prescribed and monitored. This method avoids surgery in more than 70% of cases. Only 28% of patients require surgical treatment with this method.

 At the same time, in Finland, as well as throughout Scandinavia, there is a very high percentage of male infertility. It is believed that this is due to the high content of dioxin and other biologically persistent organochlorine substances in fish caught in the Baltic Sea and insufficient diagnosis of latent infections of the genital tract. The Finnish colleagues were very interested in the methods of the Kharkov Laboratory of Andrology and Human Reproduction to increase male fertility.


Internship at Barcelona International Business School

June 29 — July 10, 2017  in Spain, at the Barcelona International Business School, an internship was held by the leading researcher of our clinic, Alexander Knigavko.

During the internship, Associate Professor Knigavko got acquainted with new European methods of treatment of andrological diseases, European approaches and protocols for the treatment of these diseases and conditions.

Foreign experts became interested in microsurgical techniques for the treatment of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, which are carried out by Dr. A.V. Knigavko. in Kharkiv-Andrology

Also during the internship, the peculiarities of teaching and teaching Sexual Medicine in universities and educational institutions of Western Europe were studied. According to the results of the internship, Knigavko A.V. received a certificate of successful internship and an invitation to attend similar events already as a lecturer and expert in the field of Sexual Medicine.


the 42nd Congress of the American Society of Andrology

On April 22-25, 2017, the 42nd Congress of the American Society of Andrology was held in Miami, Florida, USA.

Ukraine was presented by the leading researcher of the Problem Laboratory of Andrology and Human Reproduction, Associate Professor Alexander Knigavko, with reports on the treatment of obstructive male infertility using transurethral catheterization of the ejaculatory ducts in the prostate, premature ejaculation using selective neurectomy and surgical treatment of veno-occlusive erectile dysfunction. The report on the using of microsurgical denervation of the penis took first place among foreign works and was honored an award by the Liason committee of the American Society of Andrologists .


Participation in the 20th World Congress of Andrology and Sexual Medicine in China

Leading researcher A. Knigavko represented Ukraine at the world congress of andrology and sexual medicine, held in China, Beijing, September 22-25, 2016.

On the Congress doctor Knigavko  presented reports on premature, retrograde and delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and varicocele, male infertility, Peyronie’s disease. The greatest interest was aroused by reports on the treatment of retrograde ejaculation by introducing autocollagen with autologous stem cells-neuroblasts to restore fertility in men with aspermia and retrograde ejaculation on the background of polyneuropathy and diabetes mellitus. The report on the treatment of delayed ejaculation by microinjection of autologous stem cells — neuroblasts into the head and trunk of the penis to restore sensitivity — also caused a great discussion.

A.V. Knigavko acted as an expert in working groups on the formation of international protocols for the treatment of andrological diseases and conducting master classes.


Participation in the International Exhibition and Conference of Medical Tourism

On January 18-20, 2016, the 4th International Medical Tourism Exhibition and Conference (IMTEC) was held in Muscat (Oman).

Ukraine was represented by clinics of urology and andrology, traumatology, rehabilitation and cell technologies. The Kharkiv Regional Clinical Center of Urology and Nephrology was represented by Associate Professor A.V. Knigavko.

Patients from Oman and other Gulf Countries turned out to be interested in treatment in Ukraine, especially in the unique possibilities of treating erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory problems, male infertility, as well as the use of stem cell technologies.


Participation in the 12th Asian Congress of Urology

The 12th Asian Urology Congress took place in Iran (Kish Island)  on December 5-9, 2014.

The congress was attended by over 2 thousand urologists from all over the world. Ukraine was represented at the congress by Associate Professor of the Department of Urology of Kharkov National Medical University A.V. Knigavko.

Reports of A.V. Knigavko were devoted to the age-related characteristics of the formation of kidney stones, the correction of veno-occlusive forms of erectile dysfunction using a modified Marmara operation and caused a heated discussion.

Italian surgeons presented materials on modern methods of urethroplasty and features of falloprosthetics.

Elected President of the Asian Association of Urology, Chairman of the Congress Dr. Jalil Hosseini made a presentation on the features of urethroplasty in Iran.

The picture shows A.V. Knigavko. with the Chairman of the Urology Congress, Professor Jalil Hosseini.


Participation in the Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine

From January 29 to February 1, 2014, the Annual Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine was held in Istanbul (Turkey). At the congress, a lot of attention was paid to new methods of treating erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and Peyronie’s disease.

 Senior Researcher of the Laboratory of Andrology and Human Reproduction A.V. Knigavko made two poster presentations on various approaches to the treatment of premature ejaculation and the correction of metabolic syndrome in erectile dysfunction.


Fellowship at the clinic Algeimen Krankenhous, Austria

In November 2013, Senior researcher of the Laboratory of Andrology and Human Reproduction, Knigako A.V. took an fellowship at the urology department of the Algeimen Krankenhous clinic in Vienna (Austria). This clinic is the largest in Europe and is renowned for its achievements in the field of transplantation.

 Leading andrologists of the urology department  this clinic Ralf Hervg and Franklin Kouhaus have extensive practice in reconstructive operations on the urethra, operations to lengthen and thicken the penis. Doctor Knigavko A.V. shared with his Austrian colleagues his experience in the use of transurethral catheterization methods in the treatment of obstructive infertility and the using of selective neurotomy for the treatment of premature ejaculation, these methods are revolutionary for the countries of Western Europe. 

As part of cooperation between the clinics, the andrology department of Kharkiv Regional Clinical Center of Urology and Andrology received a modern KARL STORZ operating microscope with a magnification of up to 24 times, which allows better performance of microsurgical operations, such as Marmara operation, selective neurotomy, vasoepididymoanastomosis.